Who Is Luffy’S Strongest Enemy?

Who is Luffy’s nemesis?

Fleet Admiral Akainu is the oppressive symbol of order and prejudice.

Blackbeard is the conspiring marauder who seeks to conquer the whole sea.

This list will be looking at both of these men, as it investigates who is Monkey D.

Luffy’s greatest enemy..

Is Luffy the strongest in one piece?

1 Monkey D. Luffy will undeniably end up as the Pirate King by the end of the series and in doing so, he’ll be the man who conquered all the seas. For Luffy to be able to do that, becoming the strongest of all-time is just as important.

Who is Luffy’s best friend?

ZoroZoro truly is Luffy’s best friend and his most loyal crew member.

Does Luffy die?

Luffy will die at the end of the series, but he won’t be remembered by his real name. … And he even has a potentially fatal condition thanks to Ivankov saving his life for the moment (by cutting his total lifespan in half) with her ability.

Is Marco stronger than Luffy?

Marco might be slightly stronger at the moment but Luffy only needs to surpass him during Wano. Honestly just managing the time limit on G4 would probably make him a bit more powerful than Marco. Either way Marco is a favorite of mine and I would love for him to join the crew.

Who will be Luffy’s final opponent?

BlackbeardOne of the more obvious ones out their would be Blackbeard. One Blackbeard was the reason ace was captured and basically killed and what also drove the Whitebeards to come and basically have Whitebeard die. Blackbeard is most likely going to go after Luffy more than Luffy going to search out to defeat Blackbeard.

Who is the strongest emperor in one piece?

Kaido. Kaido is the captain of Beasts Pirates. While Whitebeard is known as “The Strongest Man in the World”, Kaido is known as “The Strongest Creature in the World” according to Trafalgar Law.

Who is Luffy’s mom?

Oda answers sorta pointed out that Dadan and can be considered as Luffy’s foster mother. also from another character, Belle Mere, acted as Nami mother: Deceased.

Is Luffy’s Devil Fruit weak?

Overall luffy has a top 5 devil fruit in the series IMO but only if eaten by someone who is already strong. It’s not weak af by any means, it just has a barrier to entry.

Is Luffy stronger than Naruto?

*Conclusion: Naruto is just as strong as Luffy when Naruto is in his Sage Mode, this has been conceded by Con. However, Luffy is stronger than Sage Mode when Luffy uses his Gears and Haki. But Naruto can match that level of brute strength when in his Beast mode. Therefore, Naruto can be just as strong as Luffy.

Who is the weakest yonko?


Is Big Mom afraid of Shanks?

TL;DR Big Mom is afraid of Shanks because he’s just too powerful for her. I don’t think Big Mom is afraid of Shanks. She was just being very cautious about him, and any other Yonko. … She want the giant army, Germa 66 technologies, and all her alliance not because she’s afraid with Shanks or any other yonko.