What Is The Shortest AIT In The Army?

Which boot camp is the shortest?

Air Force basic training at Lackland AFB in Texas is eight weeks, plus one week of in-processing, called zero week.

Until recently, Air Force basic training was only six weeks, the shortest basic training of any of the military branches..

What is 35f AIT like?

Upon successful completion of Basic Military Training, soldiers will attend 16 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT). AIT will consist of classroom and field training on different technologies that will be used, as well as proper information gathering and communication techniques.

Can I visit my boyfriend on base during AIT?

Most bases will not allow travel over 50 miles from the base. … If you are traveling to visit your Soldier during AIT make sure you receive confirmation that they are allowed visitor’s before you make plans to travel. Even then, your Soldier may not be aware of weekend liberty until the day before.

Can soldiers have cell phones while deployed?

As much as service members would like to establish a schedule for reaching their loved ones, their missions in a combat zone or operational activities may interfere. As a result, many spouses and partners carry cell phones with them at all times to avoid missing their service member’s call.

What is the longest Army AIT?

The current longest AIT training lasts 84 weeks (1-year and 8 months)….Army AIT schools include (not a complete list):Field Artillery Center at Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma.Finance Corps School at Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina.More items…

Can you quit the army during AIT?

If by AIT you are referring to Advanced Individual Training, the school you attend after basic training…then the answer is sort of. You can’t quit the US Army, per se. … The Army can decide that you are unfit to continue training or serving because of medical or discipline problems, but there are ups and downs to both.

Can your spouse live with you during AIT?

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) For soldiers who attend an AIT of longer than 20 weeks, dependents will often be added to his orders. This means that the Army will pay for the family to move to the AIT location. After a certain time period, the soldier will be allowed to live with his family if he chooses.

Does AIT count as time service?

When you join the Reserves, you first attend basic training and military job school full time. This is called active duty for training, or ADT, and doesn’t count as active-duty time for most veterans benefits.

Can you have a car in Army AIT?

In AIT you cannot drive unless you completed AIT in the past and are reclassing with prior service. It depends on your AIT and the privileges you have earned. For example, the 68C AIT is a year long and two phases. Phase I I wasn’t allowed to have a car.

How long does AIT last for Army?

4 weeks to 7 monthsAs such, AIT is different for each available Army career path, or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). AIT courses can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 7 months, and possibly more for foreign language training.

What happens after Army AIT?

What happens after AIT? Once you meet all of the AIT requirements and graduate from AIT, you usually have a short graduation ceremony. This is followed by 10 days of leave prior to receiving orders to join your unit at your next station of duty. AIT prepares you to become an expert in your MOS.

Do you get your phone in Army AIT?

During Advance Training (A.I.T.) the Soldier will have the opportunity to go the USO and use the Internet there or at the Post Exchange. The use of cell phones and visitation privileges will be a company policy or commander’s discretion.

Is there a break between basic training and AIT?

For those who will be traveling to another location, there is a short break between boot camp and AIT. This leave time is not considered a vacation and is generally only long enough to provide adequate travel time to your AIT training location. Most of the time the travel time ranges from 1-3 days.

What can soldiers take to AIT?

Soldiers in AIT should bring their military-issued clothing, shaving and hygiene materials, towels and washcloths, and two sets of casual civilian clothing. Personal computers, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices are authorized for use once a Soldier reaches Tier 1 status.

Can you get deployed right after AIT?

After AIT your soldier is off to their First Duty Station (FDS) and after a time, may be deployed somewhere in the world. Their FDS can be state-side or out-of-country.