What Is The Meaning Of Lumbering In Geography?

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Why is lumbering a major occupation in Canada?

Lumbering is one of the major occupations of the people in Canada as coniferous forest cover about 60% of the total land area of the country and provide raw material for industries that produce paper, pulp, plywood, veneer, and so on.

Where is timber found in Nigeria?

Nigeria was once a one-time largest exporter of timber in West Africa, and the major areas of production located in the rain forest areas such as; Cross River, Edo, Ondo, Ogun, and Delta State.

What means lumberjack?

: someone whose job is to cut down trees for wood : logger Levi jeans became regulation wear for cowboys, railroaders, lumberjacks, oil drillers and other labourers.—

What is the first stage in the process of lumbering?

The four basic activities of lumbering are: Felling: The first step is the felling or cutting of trees. Trees are first selected for felling. The high riggers who cut the trees climb up the trees.

What is lumbering in Nigeria?

Definition of Lumbering: It is defined as the felling of economic trees in the forest, which can be used in domestic, industrial or commerce purpose.

Why is lumbering done in summer season?

Lumbering played a main role in the growth of many places in the world. It is done mainly in summer because the wind is dry and the season gives a dry timber which is easy to store. These lumbers provide shelter, fuel and furs but they also engaged great areas of productive land which is needed for crops.

Which town in Nigeria is famous for plywood production?

SapeleIts plywood- and veneer-manufacturing plant is one of the largest in western Africa. Sapele is also known for the rubber plantations in the vicinity.

What is the importance of lumbering?

Answer. They also produce, as residual by-products, wood chips, sawdust and shavings. In addition, increasing attention is being paid to both the chemicals and fuels that can be extracted from wood. Of all these products, lumber is the most significant in terms of value and volumes manufactured.

What is the meaning of lumbering in Canada?

(ˈlʌmbərɪŋ ) mainly US and Canadian. the business or trade of cutting, transporting, preparing, or selling timber. Collins English Dictionary.

What are the lumbering activities?

Lumbering has four phases: logging, driving, manufacturing, and transport. The details varied depending on whether a homesteader was carving a farm out of a forest, an independent logger was felling and selling logs to a mill, or a commercial mill handled the entire process from logging through sales.

Why is lumbering an important economic activity?

The economic activity involving felling, hauling, logging of timber is known as lumbering. It is well developed in the coniferous forest belt of the cool temperate lands, because: … (ii) The land and rivers freeze which makes transportation of the logs easy. (iii) The species of trees are few and the area is accessible.

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What is lumbering Wikipedia?

Timber, also known as lumber in North American English, is a type of wood that has been processed into beams and planks, a stage in the process of wood production. … It is more commonly made from softwood than hardwoods, and 80% of lumber comes from softwood.

What is the definition of lumbering in geography?

noun. Lumbering is defined as cutting down trees and turning them into pieces of wood used for building. An example of lumbering is using a chain saw to cut down trees which will eventually be made into 2x4s.

What do you mean by lumbering?

noun. the trade or business of cutting and preparing lumber.

Where is lumbering done?

Lumbering is the moving away of the heavy loads slowly and this is done in coniferous forests because the trees present in these forests are softwood trees which are easy to cut and it can be used in commercial purposes,the density of these trees are very less than the normal trees.

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