What Is Post Traumatic Psychogenic Blindness?

What is psychosomatic blindness?

Hysterical blindness is an outmoded term for a condition now designated as a form of conversion disorder.

Hysterical Blindness may refer to: Hysterical Blindness (film), an HBO movie from 2002 starring Gena Rowlands, Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis..

How long can Hysterical Blindness last?

Hysterical blindness may be of sudden or gradual onset and affect one or both eyes. It may last from a few hours to several years and may be intermittent in character.

Do neurologists treat functional disorders?

When to see a doctor If the underlying cause is a neurological disease or another medical condition, quick diagnosis and treatment may be important. If the diagnosis is a functional neurologic disorder, treatment may improve the symptoms and help prevent future problems.

Can blindness be cured?

Stem-cell therapy could potentially cure blindness even in the late stages of disease. Because stem cells can be coaxed into becoming any type of cell, they could be used to grow fresh retinal cells for transplantation into the eye to replace those that have been lost.

Can emotional trauma cause paralysis?

There isn’t an underlying physical condition, like an injury, causing the tremors or paralysis. Instead, the physical condition is caused by the stress or emotional trauma.

What is psychosomatic disorder?

Psychosomatic disorder, also called Psychophysiologic Disorder, condition in which psychological stresses adversely affect physiological (somatic) functioning to the point of distress.

Can psychological trauma cause blindness?

Conversion disorder is when a person experiences temporary physical symptoms, such as blindness or paralysis, that do not have a physical cause. While the exact cause of conversion disorder is unknown, researchers believe it occurs in response to stressful situations or trauma.

Can blindness be psychological?

Symptoms such as paralysis, numbness, or blindness, which are not connected to a medical cause, and are often traced to a psychological trigger are frequently termed conversion disorders or functional neurological symptom disorders.

Can shock make you blind?

The unseen effects that can occur as a result of a blast injury have been studied by researchers who have concluded that the shock wave alone created by an IED, even in the absence of shrapnel or other particles, can cause significant damage to the eyes that could lead to partial or total blindness.