Quick Answer: Who Is Daniel’S Dad In Coronation Street?

Is Peter Barlow Simons real dad?

Simon is the son of Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and Lucy Richards (Katy Carmichael), the adoptive son of Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) and the grandson of Ken Barlow (William Roache)..

Has Daniel Brocklebank got a partner?

Stuart Hatton (2017–)Daniel Brocklebank/Partner

Is Daniel in Coronation Street Ken’s real son?

Daniel Osbourne is the son of Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne who was largely estranged from his father until he learned he experienced a stroke. While visiting Ken at the hospital, Daniel finally met his siblings Peter and Tracy, as well as his nephew Adam.

Daniel Osbourne Daniel is the son of Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne, and he is half-brother to Peter Barlow and step-brother to Tracy Barlow. He and wife Sinead Tinker recently welcomed their baby son, Bertie Osbourne. Daniel’s nephews are Adam Barlow and Simon Barlow, while Amy Barlow is his niece.

Who is the burglar in Corrie?

BERNIE Winter is going to launch a new scam on Coronation Street’s residents and turn into a potential serial burglar. The scam artist – who is played by actress Jane Hazelgrove in the ITV soap – is going to use vicar Billy Mayhew to gain access to his congregation’s houses and rob from them.

Who is Mike Baldwin’s son?

Danny BaldwinAdam BarlowMike Baldwin/Sons

How did Susan Barlow die?

1988-2001: Death Mike was angry and demanded that he wanted to see Adam. Susan decided to up sticks once again, but when trying to escape with Adam, she ended up in a car crash and was killed.

What happened to your son Denise?

As he leaves the room, an orderly tells him that Denise had left something in the ambulance and hands him a Ken Griffey Jr. … Cox realizes that Denise’s son is dead. Remorseful, he goes back into the Denise’s hospital room and learns that her son was killed in an accident, which is what caused her to become a paramedic.

Who is Daniel from Corrie dating?

Rob MallardCorrie’s Daniel Brocklebank and Rob Mallard are dating!

Who broke into Daniels flat Corrie?

Paul and Bernie break into Kel’s flat where they discover Daniel’s laptop, as well as photos of a young Paul and other children. As the penny finally drops for Gemma, brave Paul reveals the harrowing truth about Kel’s sexual abuse to her and Bernie.

Who died in a freezer in Coronation Street?

Eve SteeleA former Coronation Street star has confessed she thought she’d die after becoming hooked on heroin at 20. Eve Steele, 48, from Manchester, played troubled supermarket worker Anne Malone between 1995 and 1998, before her character was unceremoniously killed off after being locked in a freezer at Firman’s frozen foods.

Who broke into Sinead’s house?

Daniel then breaks down in tears and tells Adam that Bertie deserves a better dad. When Daniel lets himself into his flat, he breaks down in tears after discovering Sinead’s broken mug on the floor.

Who burgled Daniel Corrie?

Monday’s episode saw him say his final goodbyes to Sinead, along with the residents of Weatherfield, in emotional funeral scenes. Tonight, viewers saw Daniel spiral further out of control as he hit rock bottom after the flat he shared with Sinead was burgled.

Why did Denise leave Corrie?

In 1994, Denise started a relationship with Ken Barlow. … In January 1996, it transpired that Denise had been having an affair with her brother-in-law Brian Dunkley for two years. Ken ordered Denise to leave, so she moved away with Brian and abandoned Daniel in the care of Ken.

Did Denise marry Ken Barlow?

Ken has a relationship with hairdresser Denise Osbourne (Denise Black) in 1994 and fathers her child; their son Daniel (Lewis Harney) is born in 1995. Denise agrees to marry Ken, but is having an affair with her brother-in-law Brian Dunkley (Benny Young) at the same time.

Who is Adam’s dad in Coronation Street?

Mike BaldwinAdam Barlow/Father

Who is Daniel’s mum in Coronation Street?

Denise OsbourneSusan BarlowDaniel Osbourne/Mother

Did Denise have a baby with Ken?

CORONATION Street viewers were in shock after Ken Barlow’s son Daniel revealed he’s only 24. … Daniel was born on January 4, 1995 to parents Denise and Ken. His twin died in the womb at five months old. Actor Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel, is 27.

What is wrong with Denise Black Hand?

Denise was born with a condition that caused her fingers to deform and cross over each other.

Who ran away to stay with Susan Barlow?

Share this with Susan and Peter were sent away to live in Scotland by Ken, who was grieving after Valerie’s death. This led to the pair feeling abandoned by Ken although when Susan returned in the 80s, it was to try and restore a relationship with her dad.

When did Denise leave Corrie?

In 1992, Black joined the soap opera Coronation Street as Denise Osbourne, remaining on the show until 1997. Her main storylines revolved around her love affair with Ken Barlow (William Roache). Black briefly returned to the role in 2007 and again in 2017.