Quick Answer: What Platform Is Used For Telemedicine?

What software is used for telemedicine?

Best telemedicine software – at a glanceDoxy.me.AMC Health.swyMed.Teladoc.Mend..

How do I make a telemedicine platform?

How can you develop a telemedicine platform?Conduct business analysis.Research the market and your competitors.Define a unique value proposition.Create a prototype, conduct testing, and get feedback.Research marketing channels.

What platforms are Hipaa compliant?

In order to comply with HIPAA standards, it is important to only use platforms that abide by their rules. There are many more platforms that are HIPAA compliant some include Wecounsel.com, iTherapy.com, and virtualtherapyconnect.com.

What is the best telemedicine app?

We searched for the best telemedicine apps ranked high in user ratings, quality, and overall reliability.MDLIVE. iPhone rating: 4.7 stars. … Lemonaid: Same Day Online Care. … LiveHealth Online Mobile. … PlushCare: Video Doctor Visits. … Doctor on Demand. … Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7. … Talkspace Therapy & Counseling. … Teladoc.More items…•

How do I start telehealth?

Best Practices for Starting a Telemedicine ProgramHave Clear Goals. … Involve your Staff. … Learn About Reimbursement Rules and Regulations in Your State. … Find the Right Technology Partner. … Decide How Telemedicine Will Be Utilized in Your Practice. … Market the Service. … Ask for Feedback. … Measure Success Against Your Goals.

Can I use zoom for telemedicine?

Today Zoom announced that we have developed the industry’s first scalable, cloud-based video telehealth service, Zoom for Telehealth, featuring an integration with electronic health record system Epic. … Cloud-based video, audio, and content sharing. Support for desktop, mobile, and conference room systems.