Quick Answer: What Is A Discophile?

What is a Hippophile?


one who loves horses..

What does phantasmic mean?

adjective. Of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality: chimeric, chimerical, delusive, delusory, dreamlike, hallucinatory, illusive, illusory, phantasmagoric, phantasmal, visionary.

What does grandiloquence mean?

Grandiloquence is a type of talk that is pompous and bombastic, full of pretty-sounding words and elegant turns of phrase that add up to nothing. Politicians who say nothing but make it sound important are masters of grandiloquence.

What is Stigmatophile?

Stigmatophile: a person who loves tattoos, piercings.

What does Photoholic mean?

(informal) A keen photographer. noun.

What is a surreal feeling?

Therefore by describing themselves as being surreal, what they mean is that they feel detached or distant from the world and everyone and everything. Like they are alone somehow even though they may not be alone. They may feel empty or emotionless or may feel like they are in a dream or dreamlike state.

What is a Melomaniac?

Medical Definition of melomaniac 1 : an individual exhibiting melomania. 2 : an individual (as a person or dog) that is inordinately and abnormally affected by musical or other tones in certain ranges of sound.

What is the meaning of Pogonophile?

Noun. pogonophile (plural pogonophiles) One who loves or studies beards.

What does prolixity mean?

1 : unduly prolonged or drawn out : too long. 2 : marked by or using an excess of words.

What does it mean to be Pollyannaish?

Pollyannaish, often written in lowercase as pollyannaish, means “unrealistically optimistic.” If someone is acting Pollyannaish, then they are judged as showing an optimism that is extremely naive and unthinking. Pollyannaish is based on Pollyanna, a term for an excessively optimistic person.