Quick Answer: What Does TDT Mean In Texting?

What does TDT mean in school?

Therapeutic day treatment”Therapeutic day treatment for children and adolescents” means a treatment program that serves (i) children and adolescents from birth through age 17 and under certain circumstances up to 21 with serious emotional disturbances, substance use, or co-occurring disorders or (ii) children from birth through age seven who ….

What does nth mean texting?

NTH means “Nothing”.

What is therapeutic day treatment?

Therapeutic Day Treatment is a program that provides a combination of therapeutic services and evaluation within the traditional school setting to student’s exhibiting emotional and behavioral concerns that hinder their ability to function successfully in the school environment.

What is the full form of #tbt?

The Full Form of TBT is Throwback Thursday. It is written as #TBT on social media posts to share past photos, quotes, posts, and memes as memories. It is one of the most enormously used abbreviations. This is a weekly trend where you can reminisce about the past.

What does OOMF mean in texting?

one of my friendsOomf is an acronym standing for “one of my friends” or “one of my followers.” This is a way to mention someone without directly naming them.

What does BAE mean in text?

before anyone elseBae,” for example, is a term of endearment that is either short for “baby” or an acronym for “before anyone else.

What does DMS mean sexually?

Direct message A DM may also be called a “private message” or simply “message.” People often use the DM feature to communicate with others about a sensitive matter with information such as contact info or sexually suggestive messages.

What is the meaning of TDT?

1. TDT – (astronomy) a measure of time defined by Earth’s orbital motion; terrestrial time is mean solar time corrected for the irregularities of the Earth’s motions. ephemeris time, terrestrial dynamical time, terrestrial time, TT.

What does TBT mean in texting?

Throwback ThursdayTBT stands for Throwback Thursday. People use it when sharing old photos and videos of themselves for nostalgia.

What does ITH mean in texting?

What does ITH stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningITHInternet Texas Holdem (poker)ITHInsert Title HereITHInteractive Text Hooker (software)ITHIf That Helps

What is FF in FB?

When you make a public announcement on Facebook about a live event such as a new relationship, a change of job, etc. FF – Follow Friday. A trend that started out on Twitter and involves giving a shoutout to people that you think deserve more recognition and followers.

What does GFF mean?

General Feature FormatGFFAcronymDefinitionGFFGeneral Feature FormatGFFGreek Film Festival (various locations)GFFGlass Fiber FilterGFFGeneral Feature Format (file format)22 more rows

What does KF mean in school?

KindergartenKF stands for Kindergarten Full.

What is FF in lol?

FF: To forfeit or surrender. Example: “FF at 20 guys we don’t have a chance!”

Whats TBD mean?

to be determinedTBD is an abbreviation often meaning in ordinary writing “to be discussed”, “to be done”, “to be defined”, “to be decided”, “to be determined”, “to be declared”, “to be deleted”, “to be denounced”, etc. … It may also refer to: The three-letter code for Three Bridges railway station.

What does FT mean in text?

FaceTimeFT means FaceTime on Text.

What does FFF mean on Instagram?

Follow For FollowThe most common definition for FFF is Follow For Follow, an acronym that has been around for years that allows social media users to gain more followers.