Quick Answer: What Does Kismet Mean?

What is the true meaning of kismet?

Kismet means fate or destiny.

In Islam, kismet refers to the will of Allah..

Where does the name Kismet come from?

‘Kismet’ comes from the Arabic word ‘qisma’, which means “portion” or “lot.” This is, in part, due to how kismet came into the language, and where it came from. Kismet was borrowed into English in the early 1800s from Turkish, where it was used as a synonym of fate.

What does the word kismet mean in Turkish Urdu and Hindi?

“The #word Kismet is of foreign origin & is used in Turkish, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic. In Hindi it would be pronounced more like kismat, & it means “fate” or “destiny”. … So instead of saying, “it is fate”, you could say “it is kismet”.

What is another word for meant to be?

What is another word for meant to be?fateddestineddoomedforeordainedpredestinedpredeterminedpreordainedcertaininescapableinevitable2 more rows

What’s another word for synchronicity?

•synchronicity (noun) synchrony, synchronizing, synchronisation, synchronism.

What does August mean?

adjective. inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic: an august performance of a religious drama. venerable; eminent: an august personage.

What is another word for serendipity?

Serendipity Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for serendipity?accidentchancegood fortunegood luckhappy accidenthappy chancedumb luckhappy coincidencelucky breakstumbling upon110 more rows

How do you use the word kismet?

Kismet in a Sentence 🔉Perhaps it was kismet Jim won the lottery right after he lost his job. … Some people believe the killer’s kismet is his own execution. … When the man met the woman of his dreams, he said it was kismet. … As a romantic, I believe kismet will lead me to my one true love.More items…

Is Kismet a male or female name?

Kismet Origin and Meaning The name Kismet is a girl’s name meaning “fate”.

What is another word for kismet?

What is another word for kismet?fatefortuneone’s lota happy chancea bit of luckway cookie crumblesgood luckheads or tailsone’s portionperadventure80 more rows

What does serendipity mean?

an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. good fortune; luck: What serendipity—she got the first job she applied for!

What is the difference between Kismet and Karma?

Kismet is the synonym for the word fate or destiny. … In Islamic religion kismet means the will of Allah and the people believe in it for their divine plan for their life is governed by kismet. Whereas karma on the other hand says that each individual is responsible for his own destiny based on his or her actions.

What is the opposite of kismet?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of a predetermined or unavoidable destiny. autonomy. choice.

What does karma mean?

Karma (/ˈkɑːrmə/; Sanskrit: कर्म, romanized: karma, IPA: [ˈkɐɽmɐ] ( listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

What is the of destiny?

A person’s destiny is everything that happens to them during their life, including what will happen in the future, especially when it is considered to be controlled by someone or something else. … Destiny is the force which some people believe controls the things that happen to you in your life.