Quick Answer: What Are The Allied Races?

What allied races are available right now?

Allied races you can earn right now The Alliance will be able to recruit Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves, Dark Iron dwarves, and humans of Kul Tiras.

Currently, four of these races are available for players to unlock once they have purchased Battle for Azeroth..

Will Shadowlands have allied races?

All Allied Races will be easier to unlock in the Shadowlands pre-patch. The requirement to hit Exalted with a related faction has been removed, leaving only the requirement to complete a related series of zone quests. The requirements to unlock Allied Races in Shadowlands will be: Void Elf: You Are Now Prepared!

What is the best allied race?

The best allied race?Dreanor orcs (cool heritage armor really bad racials!) … Zandalari trolls (Cool racial armor really fitting for a priest and decent racials)Void elves (great heritage armor and decent caster racials – really fitting warlocks or priests)DID (after blizzard fixed that belt I will be making a shaman.More items…•

What are the new allied races in WoW?

Battle for Azeroth – Allied Races – WoW. Venture forth as one of the new playable Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth. Earn the respect of the Zandalari trolls, Kul Tiran humans, and other noble allies, and you’ll unlock the ability to create new prestige characters of those races.

Can you pay to unlock allied races?

You can not buy access to the Allied Races at the moment. The Devs have said in one of their Q&As that there is no plan at the moment to allow you to do it.

What is the easiest allied race to unlock?

Lightforged DraeneiThe easiest allied races to unlock would be the Lightforged Draenei since there are a lot of “Army of the Light” world quests. They are scattered around Argus and a good amount are boss kills that give a decent amount of Reputation.