Quick Answer: How Do I Fix Unfortunately The Process Com Android SystemUI Has Stopped?

What does Unfortunately com Android vending has stopped mean?


vending) has stopped unexpectedly.

On rooted Android devices, this error message is caused by a problem with the gapps (Google apps) package installed on the device or if the Play Store on the device (or its data) starts acting up..

How do I get rid of System UI?

Removing System Tuner UI from your Android N SettingsOpen System UI Tuner.Tap the menu button in the top-right corner.Select Remove from Settings.Tap Remove in the popup that asks you if you really want to remove System UI Tuner from your settings and stop using all the settings therein.

How do I fix process com Android SystemUI has stopped?

FIX: com. process. systemui has stoppedMethod 1: Download and Run CM Security.Method 2: Wipe the device’s cache partition.Method 3: Get rid of any third-party apps that might be responsible.Method 4: Reinstall or change the device’s ROM (for rooted users)

How do I clear Unfortunately the process com Android phone has stopped?

Tap the All tab so that all the apps of your device will be displayed in a column. Scroll down until you see “Phone” or an option similar to it. Tap it, followed by selecting the “Clear Cache” option. If the problem persists, repeat the steps and include “Clear Data” in your actions.

How do I clear Android cache?

This method is how you can do it.Open the Settings of your phone.Tap the Storage heading to open its settings page. … Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps.Find the application you want to clear the cache of and tap its listing. … Tap the Clear cache button.

What happens when you force stop system UI?

2 Answers. If you completely remove SystemUI. apk from the system, your device will hang on start-up and never fully boot again. … Framework-res and the system have some dependencies on SystemUI.

Is SystemUI a virus?

First, this file isn’t a virus. It is a system file used by android UI manager. … If the problem doesn’t persist, that means some 3rd party apps are installed on your system which we know as Malware. To remove them, factory reset your android device.

What does Unfortunately UI has stopped mean?

Android.System UI has stopped working” is a common error message that occurs when the update was either corrupted or unsuccessfully patched on your device. The reason this error message is shown is because Google Search(Google Now) application is not compatible with the updated UI interface that the device is running.

How do I fix unfortunately the process android process media has stopped?

Method 1: Clear Cache & DataGo to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and make sure to look under the ‘all’ tab. … After doing that, scroll down and find Google Play. … Now press the back button and choose Google Services Framework from all apps > Force stop > Clear cache > OK.More items…•

What to do when an app says unfortunately stopped?

Visit “Settings” to find an option named “Apps”. Tap on “Apps” and look for the App which has suddenly stopped. Click the App name, say, for example, “Youtube” by scrolling down in “All” Apps. From the options that appear, tap on “Storage” and then on “Clear cache” as shown below.