Question: What Were The Greatest Sources Of Pleasure For The Franklin?

What is the theme of The Franklin’s Tale?

“The Franklin’s Tale” in “The Canterbury Tales” is a fable.

Its theme is a moral: Never make a promise you do not intend to keep..

Who is the most generous in the Franklin’s Tale?

AureliusIn Geoffrey Chaucer’s, “The Franklin Tale”, Aurelius was the most generous because he was willing to lose the love of his life and be in debt only because he felt sympathy.

Who is the best character in the Canterbury Tales?

Characters in The Canterbury TalesCharacter #1. The Knight. Chaucer has presented the Knight as an ideal character. … Character #2. The Wife of Bath. … Character #3. The Miller. … Character #4. The Parson. … Character #5. The Plowman. … Character #6. The Merchant. … Character #7. The Clerk. … Character #8. The Sergeant of Law.More items…

What social class is the Franklin in Canterbury Tales?

middle classWe’ve learned that the Franklin in The Canterbury Tales is a wealthy member of the middle class. The details of his physical description include his white beard and white silk purse, which he wears on a belt.

What does Chaucer think of the Franklin?

Chaucer’s Opinion on the Franklin He says that The Franklin is calm, strong and an over all happy guy. Chaucer also proves that he thinks highly of the Franklin by saying, “He was a model among landed gentry.” He lives to please others and has a house full of food.

Why is Dorigen sad?

Dorigen was sad because her husband, Averagus, was sent away on a ship to England to work for a long period of time. … Dorigen did not like the rocks because she believed that the rocks could bring harm to her husband’s ship on its return (by the ship possibly crashing into them).

What is a Franklin Chaucer?

A “franklin” is a gentry landowner, a member of the nobility. … And unlike most noble hosts, who would generally dismantle their table between guests to make room for other things in the hall, the Franklin keeps his table ready and waiting at all times.

Who is Franklin from The Canterbury Tales?

Summary. The white-bearded Franklin is a wealthy gentleman farmer, possessed of lands but not of noble birth. His chief attribute is his preoccupation with food, which is so plenteous in his house that his house seemed to snow meat and drink (344–345). The narrator next describes the five Guildsmen, all artisans.

Where does The Franklin’s Tale take place?

BrittanyThe Franklin’s Tale takes place in Brittany, a northwest coastal province of present-day France. The tale’s first line cites “Britayne” by name, setting it as the scene for Chaucer’s adaptation of Boccaccio’s Il Filocolo.

What did a Franklin do in medieval times?

The Franklin, in a medieval nonfiction society, is a responsible landowner. Typically, the land that was owned was called a manor or a feudal. He would tend to the people, crops and religiously related matters as needed.

What does a lad of fire mean?

Driven, motivated, fearlessWhen describing the Squire, what does the narrator mean by a “lad of fire”? Driven, motivated, fearless.

How is the squire dressed?

Clothing. In regards to being fashionable, the Squire is not only dressed in the finest clothes but also mounted on his horse rather well. “He was embroidered like a meadow bright” which (at the time) was a sign of highest class.

How does the Friar spend the money he earns through hearing confessions?

How does the Friar spend the money he earns through hearing confessions? He spends his money on drinking and gifts for women. Reread lines 237-263. … He uses his position to gain money; he does not associate with the poor or unfortunate members of society.

What does the narrator state directly about the Franklin?

What does the narrator state directly about the Franklin in lines 341-356? The Franklin has a white beard and rosy complexion. He lives for pleasure, especially for fine food and drink.

What is the best Canterbury Tales story?

1. The Miller’s Tale. … Perhaps the most famous – and best-loved – of all of the tales in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, ‘The Miller’s Tale’ is told as a comic corrective following the sonorous seriousness of the Knight’s tale.

What is the shortest Canterbury Tale?

The Physician’s Tale is one of the shortest of ‘The Canterbury Tales,’ but it reveals a great deal about the importance of honor and virginity during the Middle Ages.

What is the name of Wife of Bath?

The real name of the Wife of Bath, or the name she calls herself is both Alyson and Alys, which she states in the prologue; as to her occupation, it seems to be that her primary purpose is to find and marry as many husbands as possible in her life.

What did a Franklin do?

Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father and a polymath, inventor, scientist, printer, politician, freemason and diplomat. Franklin helped to draft the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and he negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War.

What is the moral lesson of Canterbury Tales?

Some of the lessons are love conquers all, lust only gets you in trouble, religion and morality is virtuous, and honor and honesty is valued. Although there are some contradictory stories, Chaucer kept to this set of morals through most of his tales.

How does Chaucer define honor?

Honor is both inner goodness and social reputation; it is a passive state of virtue or blood and an active meriting of honor or honoring of others. Both masculine heroic honor and feminine chaste honor are transcended by the spiritual honor of “trouthe.” 245. COGHILL, NEVILL. Chaucer’s Idea of What is Noble.