Question: How Do You Use A Supra?

How do I pay my Supra key?

Once logged into SupraWEB, click “Billing” at the top.

Select invoice for payment in the View Account Balance page by checking the Box on the right.

Click Pay Selected.

In the next page, enter the payment information and click on Pay Now..

What time do supra keys work?

With my DisplayKEY when someone opened a keybox, I got an alert on my key the next morning. Does the ActiveKEY work the same way? Your ActiveKEY notifies you right away when one of your listings is shown from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m standard time (9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daylight saving time).

What does supra mean in real estate?

cutting edge electronic lockbox systemSupra provides a cutting edge electronic lockbox system to the real estate industry. Learn more > eKEY: Your smartphone is the key. With eKEY, your smartphone becomes your key to access listing properties. Learn more >

What is Supra key?

Page Content. Supra’s system includes iBox TM lockboxes that can be opened by Bluetooth R or infrared signals, the eKEY TM application that turns a smart phone into a lockbox key. A data record is created when a lockbox is opened, so real estate agents can obtain real-time showing information.

How do I change the hours on my Supra?

Changing Access Hours on an iBOXPress. to turn your ActiveKEY on.Press several times until you get to SET IBOX TIMED ACCESS, then press.Press to change to Timed Access or. to change to 24 hour access.Input the Shackle Code when prompted, then press. and aim the end of your ActiveKEY at the front of the iBOX.

How do you open a jammed lock box?

Jammed Lockbox Encounters If it appears that a house key is jammed between the keybox and the key container, AND the keybox is yours, try sliding a thin strong object such as a metal fingernail file up between the inside of the keybox and the key container, to dislodge it.

How do I get supra eKEY?

​On your Android device, select either the Market, Google Play, or Play Store icon. Select Search and search for Supra eKEY….Authorize your eKEY software:Select the eKEY icon to open the application.Select Activate eKEY.Follow the onscreen prompts to enter your 30-digit authorization code.Select Authorize.

How do you open Supra lockbox code?

Supra eKEYTo open key container, push up on bottom of box until light blinks on front of box. … To open shackle, (Display Key users and eKey FOB users) select Enter, scroll to Release Shackle, enter Shackle Code and press down on shackle to release while supporting iBox.

How do I open a supra iBox without a key?

Open the eKEY app on your smartphone, select Activate eKEY and enter the authorization code. Each time a Supra user grants you permission to open an iBox BT you will receive a text message and email notifying you of the address, listing ID, and hours you are eligible to access the iBox BT.

How do I reset my Supra key?

Resetting the DisplayKEYPress and hold and. at the same time for two seconds then release.You may follow this procedure any time you need to clear your DisplayKEY screen or exit a function on your DisplayKEY.If the reset doesn’t work, wiggle each button on the key to make sure none are stuck .

How do you use supra eKEY fob?

To use the eKEY Fob, begin the operation on your smartphone. When prompted, press the button on the eKEY Fob until the green light flashes, then point the eKEY Fob at the iBox.

How much does supra eKEY cost?

eKey Basic – Auto withdrawal monthly Only – $14.45 + 7 % Tax = $15.46/mo. – Use an ‘Authorized’ Smartphone as your key with the added feature of programming the KeyBoxes, no security deposit required. eKey PRO – Auto withdrawal monthly Only – $24.45 + 7 % Tax = $26.16/mo.

Why is my Supra key not working?

There are several possible reasons for an ActiveKEY to have a Call to Enable or Key Expired message: The member may not be active due to non-payment or some other issue, Their key could have been out of cell coverage for the last 24 hours, The radio could be turned off in their key, They could have a new key that hasn’ …