Question: How Do I Cancel My Smart Giga Surf 50?

How can I cancel my Smart postpaid plan?

For accounts within contract, processing fee of P336 and pre-termination fee apply….In the event that you need to temporarily disconnect your Smart Postpaid or Infinity line, please visit any Smart Store and prepare the following:Letter of Undertaking.Valid ID.Affidavit of Loss (for lost mobile phone or SIM).

What GigaSurf 50?

GIGASURF50 is one of the GigaSurf Promos offered by Smart Prepaid. This GigaSurf 50 Promo by Smart offers on demand data package from surfing, and Free YouTube Everyday, which will surely meet the daily social and entertainment needs of its subscribers. And its the country’s first 1GB data offer at 50 Pesos.

Can I downgrade my Smart postpaid plan?

SMART on Twitter: “@alremojo Yes, you can downgrade your current plan. Just visit the nearest SMART Store in your area.

What will happen if I don’t pay my Smart postpaid plan?

SMART promises services they do not deliver. Worse, once you subscribe to a postpaid service, they are not able to make sure that you get the bill. And once you do not pay the bill, you haven’t got, they do not allow you to sleep anymore. This is a clear violation of human rights!

What is the UNLI of TNT?

List Of Talk ‘N Text (TNT) Promos 2020 – Unli Call And Unli TextPromo NameService OfferedHow to register?Piso UnlitextUnlimited texts to Talk ‘N Text and Smart networksText PISO to 4545Unlitxt 2 ALL 20Unlimited texts to all networksText UA20 to 454514 more rows•Jan 1, 2020

How subscribe UNLI call in smart?

To avail of Unli Call & Text 25, subscribers must have at least P25, then register to the package by sending UNLI25 to 6406. Once registered, users can start sending an unlimited number of tri-net SMS to any Smart, Talk ‘N Text, or Sun number.

How do I add data to my smart Gigasurf?

Go to the Smart Online Store and click on Add-Ons in the menu. (You may also click this link.) Select your Smart brand, account type or plan on the left menu. Select your preferred promo, Flexibundle or package category (call, text, data or VAS) and choose the add-on you want to purchase.

Does Giga surf 50 have text?

Smart GIGASURF 50 Get Internet Anytime, Anywhere TEXT GIGA50 to 9999.

How can I cancel my smart bro plan?

7.1 Termination by Subscriber. The Subscriber may terminate his subscription in writing by giving one (1) month prior notice for cancellation and by fully settling all his outstanding obligations with SMART.

Is GigaSurf 50 still available?

Giga offers for your daily content The standard Giga Video (formerly GigaSurf) data offers, without call and text allocation, are still available for as low as P50, valid for three days. This already includes open access data and up to 1GB or one hour of Video Every Day access for the duration of the promo.

What is video everyday in smart promo?

For mobile users, Smart has a revised “Video Every Day” promo, in which any subscription to a GigaSurf data package will come with 1 hour of access (or 1GB of data, whichever comes first) daily to YouTube, iFlix, iWant TV, Cignal Play, and NBA League Pass, as long as the GigaSurf subscription remains valid.

How do I add 1gb data to GoSURF50?

1GB of free GoWiFi access….To get GoSURF 50 add-ons:Dial *143# on your Globe smartphone.Type the number 3 for “GoSURF50″Type the number 2 for “Get Add-ons”Type the number 1 for “Add Video MBs” or the number 2 for “Add Surfing MBs” or the number 3 for “Add Validity/Extend” or the number 4 for “Add Unli Calls and Texts”

How do I unsubscribe from smart giga50?

Unsubscribe from SMS-VAS (Value Added Services) subscriptionsYou will receive a notification indicating all the services you are subscribed to.Follow the instructions on how to cancel the service. … You may also send STOP ALL to a specific access number to unsubscribe to all services from that source.To stop receiving alerts from SMART, send ALERTS OFF to 211.

How do you cut a giga surf 50?

To register for Giga Surf 50, send GIGA 50 to 9999. To share data, send PASADATARecepient’s numberAmount of MB to 888. Giga Surf 50 is open to Smart and SmartBro subscribers. Giga Surf 299 is available too with 2GB of open access data and 1.1GB entertainment data for 30 days.

How do you get freebies in GoSURF50?

Text GS FREEBIE to 8080 for free to get the latest list of freebies that you can redeem. Text GS50 STATUS to 8080 to check the status of your freebie. For example, GS50 FB for Facebook. Remember that you can redeem only one freebie per registered promo at a time.

What is GoSURF50 in Globe?

Globe Prepaid’s top selling GoSURF50 promo is now upgraded and supersized with 1 GB of mobile data for surfing alongside unlimited all-net texts and Free Facebook for just 50 pesos, valid for 3 days. … To know more about the new GoSURF50 visit

How do you stop gosurf50?

To unsubscribe from GoSURF, text GOSURF STOP to 8080.

How long is the activation of Smart postpaid plan?

within 24 hoursHow long does it take for my SIM to get activated? Your newly-purchased handset/device/gadget will be ready for use within 24 hours from date of delivery. How can I ensure that my postpaid application is processed immediately?