Question: Can You Buy Giffgaff Top Up In Shops?

Can I buy a 12 giffgaff voucher?

There’s no £12 voucher to buy.

It has to 10, 15, 20….

How do I top up giffgaff without a voucher?

In order to topup someone else’s account, go to / and click on Top-up a different giffgaff number, just click on the link Top up a different giffgaff number and then enter the phone number you wish to Top-up. Credit can only be added from a debit/credit card, not from airtime credit.

How do I put money on giffgaff?

How do I add credit to my account?Use a credit/debit card, or Paypal on our site.Or buy a giffgaff voucher in certain shops and redeem it online or over the phone by calling 43430.

How long does giffgaff top up last?

six monthsA top up will last as long as you wish but must be used once every six months to remain active. If you require giffgaff to giffgaff free calls you will need to top up every three months.

What is the minimum giffgaff top up?

rhort. The minimum top up on GiffGaff is £10 (regardless of whether it’s done by voucher, card or PayPal), however, as credit never expires, if you were to add some extra now, it would always be available to use in the future.

Can I buy a 5 giffgaff voucher?

Unfortunately, you can’t get a £5 top up voucher. The minimum top up by voucher or card is £10. However, if you want a goodybag, you can pay just £5 or £7.50 for a goodybag with a card.

How do I add money to my giffgaff account?

How do I add credit over the phone?For starters, you’ll need a giffgaff top up voucher. You can buy these from most supermarkets and corner stores.Then, dial 43430. This is an interactive service where you can redeem vouchers to add credit to your account and buy goodybags over the phone.

Does Tesco sell giffgaff top up?

TESCO do not sell giffgaff. All Sainsbury stores and Post Offices sell giffgaff vouchers. You may have to coax the cashier to have a look again to find it. Martins Newsagents sell them too.

Can you buy 5 pound giffgaff top up?

The minimum top-up required on Giffgaff is £10. However, you can buy a £5 goodybag by paying directly from your debit card.

Can I buy a giffgaff top up voucher online?

Giffgaff top up voucher You can quickly and easily buy a Giffgaff voucher online via You can top up Giffgaff online within 30 seconds. First you select the Giff gaff Top Up amount, then you check the order and pay with PayPal or any of the other secure payment methods.

Can I top up giffgaff with a debit card?

Simply call 43430 option 2 free from your phone to top up by debit card or by a voucher available from many shops garages etc .

Can you top up giffgaff over the phone?

You can top-up using an 02/Giffgaff voucher by calling 43430 from your phone. However, your first ever top-up must be completed online. However, if you want to top-up using your credit/debit card, again this can only be done Online and not over the phone.