How Do I Get The Most Out Of Outlook 365?

How do I automatically categorize emails in Outlook?

Enable Automatic CategorizingRight-click an email from your Inbox that matches the criteria of the Category you’re about to create.Choose “Create Rule” to bring up the Create Rule dialog box.Skip the simple options and go straight to “Advanced Options” using the button in the corner.More items….

How do I get the most out of Outlook?

Here are 5 tricks to help you get the most out of Outlook.Use rules to filter & sort emails. … Use Outlook Sniffer to automatically process meeting requests. … Have replies automatically go to your assistant. … Find important emails faster. … Use add-ins.

How do you use Outlook rules effectively?

To create a rule:Click on the File tab.Select Manage Rules & Alerts.Click on New Rule in the E-Mail Rules tab found in the Rules and Alerts pop up window.Select an option in the Start from a blank rule section, then choose either “Apply rule on messages I receive” or “Apply rule on messages I send.”Click Next.More items…•

How do I organize my inbox?

9 Steps to Organizing Your Inbox Today. … Organizing is a daily task. … Commit to a filing system that is flexible. … Keep those files clean and tidy. … Use the FAST system. … Set your spam filter. … Friends don’t let friends send anything to work email addresses. … Don’t give out your work email address.More items…•

Why Outlook rules are not working?

Causes for Outlook Rules Not Working Rules exceed the rules quota established for your mailbox. Corruption in send/receive settings file. Rules set to run on one computer only. Corruption using a POP3 or IMAP account.

What is a rule in Outlook?

A rule is an action that Outlook automatically performs on sent or received email messages, based on conditions you specify, such as moving all messages from a specific person into a folder other than your Inbox.

How do I switch back to classic view in Outlook 365?

Log in to Office 365 at and click on Outlook. 2. Locate the toggle button to switch between Old Outlook and New Outlook at the upper right. You can toggle between new and old Outlook views.

How do I use Outlook like a pro?

Use these tips to make the most of the tools at your disposal to maximize your efficiency in the workplace:Process your messages efficiently.Recall or un-send email.Tidy up your inbox with one click.Create email templates for common responses.Schedule emails for future delivery.Use your Outlook calendar like an expert.

What can you do on Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook allows you to send and receive email messages, manage your calendar, store names and numbers of your contacts, and track your tasks.

How do I manage my inbox?

4 Tips to Better Manage Your Email InboxSet aside time to read and respond to email. Don’t leave your email program open all day long. … Take action immediately. Making quick decisions and pursuing immediate action will help keep your email inbox under control. … Organize an inbox with labels, folders and categories. … Unsubscribe from unwanted promotional emails.

How do I free up space in Outlook 365?

In Outlook, choose File> Cleanup Tools > Mailbox Cleanup….Here are some ways to keep your mailbox size under control:Archive older items – Move old items you want to keep to an archive. … Empty the Deleted Items folder – Empty the Deleted Items folder frequently to make sure you aren’t keeping messages you don’t need.More items…

How do I free up space in Outlook?

In Outlook, choose File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Mailbox Cleanup.First, choose the View Mailbox Size option which scans the size of your mailbox and all of the subfolders. … Next, pick the options to Find older or larger items which you can delete directly from the results to cleanup the Outlook mailbox size.More items…•

Does archiving free up space in Outlook?

Archiving does not free up space, however Archiving in Office 365 (also called In-Place Archiving) provides users with additional mailbox storage space. After you turn on archive mailboxes, users can access and store messages in their archive mailboxes by using Microsoft Outlook and Outlook on the web.

How do I clean up my Office 365 mailbox?

How to: Office 365 Clean up Mailbox via Outlook Web Access (OWA)Step 1: Settings. Go to the OWA Settings by clicking the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen near your name. … Step 2: Mail Settings. … Step 3: Clean up Mailbox. … Step 4: Delete Messages. … Step 5: Confirmation.