Business cards evolved!

STAX is a mobile phone application that is here to change the way you think about business cards. No longer do you need to worry about carrying, ordering, updating, or losing business cards, and you can focus on what's most important for you and your business. Stax Mobile App is here, business cards have evolved.





Global Storage Of Cards

- All cards that you create in the app or get from other STAX users will be stored globally automatically, whenever you are connected to the internet.

Slide to share technology:

- Simply select the card, slide your finger toward the top of the phone and the card will be shared with anyone else with the app.

Simple Card Search

- You can find any card you have with any of the data that has been entered in to the "digital" card (remember that paper/scanned cards are just an image).

My Card Feature

- For those people who want control over their cards and the info they contain, simply check off the box for "My Card", look for the email with the confirmation code, and type the code into the input box and that card will be controlled only by you.
- With this feature, you can update any of the info on the card and all the people who have your card will get that updated information.

Interactive Data

- Any card that has had the data entered in to the digital card format, automatically allows the data to become interactive and usable just by clicking the data on the card, it will call the function that relates to the data (the phone number will open up a call or text feature, the address will bring up your phones gps application, etc.)

What is STAX?

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